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When talking about Xi’an, it was a very prosperous city in ancient times. The number of people going to Xi’an was soaring because of Xi’an’s falling bowl of wine on a short video. Xiaobian went to Xi’an instead of simply traveling. It was entirely because Attracted by food.

I have to say that Xi’an’s food is really quite a lot. Although food is the first goal of Xiaobian, it is still a good place to visit the famous attractions. The first stop is of course the “Terracotta Warriors”, and the following is a small series. Terracotta Warriors” Travel Experience:

I have to go to Xi’an to go to the terracotta warriors and horses. Many netizens said that if they go to Xi’an, they would not go to see the terracotta warriors and horses. It is equivalent to being white. Although they can’t be influenced by such a strategy, they can’t stand the curiosity and go with friends. This attraction. However, it is necessary to prepare quite ample time, because the terracotta warriors and horses are far away from the urban area. Generally, the accommodations in Xi’an tourism will live in the urban area. Xiaobian is no exception, so I prepared a day, in fact, most of the journey. It’s all spent on the car.

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It is very convenient to get to the attractions of Terracotta Warriors, but if you are going to the terracotta warriors on the first day, depending on the situation, you may stay in the vicinity of the train station in the first day, or you need to prevent the pits from being pitted. On an inexplicable car, although the destination is the same, but the price is much higher, it is likely to directly take you into their cooperative shopping area, when the chance of being pitted is much larger. Please use your eyes to distinguish this time!

The entire tour time of the terracotta warriors and horses may have been completed in more than two hours, but it is recommended to find a guide. At the door, you will encounter many professional guides who take the initiative to take the initiative. Personally, these historical monuments are still considered. The attractions are still as good as possible with professional staff.

Because if you go by yourself, in addition to being able to admire the perfection of the terracotta warriors and horses, there is really no other understanding. Of course, if you are a small professional of history, if you have a good understanding of history, you don’t need to ask the tour guide to explain it. However, if you are a small editor, you will choose the tour guide if you give the history knowledge to the teacher.

If you really can’t bear to ask a tour guide, you can also slap other xian escort people’s guides, just follow other people’s guides, you can also learn a lot of history and culture, it is much better than playing the entire terracotta warrior alone.

The terracotta warriors and horses attractions basically cost us half a day. If you are not particularly anxious to rush back to the city, you can take a trip to Huaqing Palace, between the terracotta warriors and the urban areas, and will not travel far.

This place is simply a garden landscape, mainly in ancient times when Yang Guifei once bathed in Huaqing Palace, so it is very famous. In fact, it doesn’t have much to watch, just saying that this place is very suitable for taking pictures, especially It is very beautiful to see a young lady who likes Hanfu in this place, because the entire Huaqing Palace is quite ancient, and it is enough to bring a small partner who can take pictures.

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