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Xi’an is the capital city of Shaanxi Province. It attracts people is not only because it is a provincial capital, but because of its long history. The old name of Xi’an is Chang’an, the starting point of the Silk Road and one of the four ancient capitals of China. You will feel the history of the city’s preference When you come over here. And every place here is full of history. Similarly, it is a good combination of trend elements,history and culture.

You must go to the old town roots in Hongmiaopo if you are a fashionista. There are some nighttime Xian Massage Girls show-offs on holidays, and there are many fashionable restaurants, bars and other shops that are open late. It has become a place where many hipsters and even foreigners often go.

To say that Xi’an’s “moonlight economy”, this year’s “Xi’an Year and China” activity should be a topic that cannot be circumvented. Xi’an was achieved in the night, and the tourists from all over the world were attracted by the night, bringing a double harvest of Xi’an tourism income and influence.

At present, Xi’an’s “moonlight economy” is mainly concentrated in the catering, entertainment and other industries, and more concentrated in the urban complex. But the target audience is relatively narrow, with more young Xian Escort people. Therefore, Xi’an’s “moonlight economy” should still highlight the characteristics of Xi’an, that is, to avoid homogenization. In the process of developing the “moonlight economy”, you can learn from and absorb the strengths of others, but avoid simple imitation. Only by taking the path of differentiated development then we can win the vitality.


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